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NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic many organizations that are not CLIA certified labs started testing and/or reporting lab results to Public Health Agencies; in order to facilitate this COVID-19-related data exchange APHL has assigned “Fake CLIA numbers” along with the OIDs to reduce the impact on PHAs. These Fake CLIA numbers (format is <nnZnnnnnnn> where n= any digit) are for use in electronic messages ONLY and do not constitue ANY other endorsement etc.

Requesting an OID

In order to request an OID, please fill out this form:

System OIDS

This report shows the system OIDs - with different values for use in testing vs. production and the associated orgnaization organization that maintains it, but not every orgnaization organization that might be using it, so each system should only appear once.



Organizational OIDS

This report shows the organizational OIDs - for both lab result reporting facilities as well as system maintaining organizations. They may also appear in the above report, but they may also only be found here.

If you are having trouble viewing the sheet from this page, you can click on this link to access the Smartsheet directly.