SHIELD Coordination Committee

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Project Snapshot

Project Snapshot

Project Overview

Systemic Harmonization and Interoperability Enhancement for Laboratory Data (SHIELD) is a public-private partnership of over 70 organizations representing federal agencies, in vitro diagnostics (IVD) organizations, standards development organizations , medical associations, and other professional laboratory organizations.

SHIELD’s mission is to “Describe the SAME test the SAME way ANYWHERE in the Healthcare ecosystem”

SHIELD strives to create laboratory data interoperability (describing the same test the same way, everywhere in the healthcare ecosystem) because such data interoperability allows accurate public health surveillance and response; provides confidence by patients and doctors in laboratory results; and ensures medical researchers that their studies can be reproduced.

The FDA has been working with the SHIELD community since its inception, and now has a webpage:

One pager for more details:

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ALL SHIELD calls are the fourth Tuesday of every month 12 - 1 PM ET - call coordinates:

Special Topic SHIELD calls are on the second Tuesday of every month 12 - 1 PM ET - call coordinates:

All Working Group calls are listed in the Call calendar:



Standing Rules:

Steering Committee: - Chair: Riki Merrick, Vice-Chair: Andrea Pitkus

Working Groups Overview:


Steering Committee:

Co-Chairs: Micky Tripathi (ONC), Sara Brenner (HHS), Wendy Rubinstein (FDA) and Greg Pappas (FDA).Ensure that planning efforts are not duplicated, and that committee work fits together in an overall plan.

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Due date Nov 1 for the strategic plan to go into clearance

To be developed (3 year plan) TBD - image showing original timeline)


Interested Parties

SHELD Master List (7/7/21) and Coordination Committee Roster